Fusion Satay Chicken or Beef (4pcs)  

Choice of Chicken, Beef, or Tofu. A delicious smokey flavor coated with coconut milk,  lemongrass, pepper, cumin, turmeric, ginger, carrot, peanut sauce, and cucumber relish


Thai Dumpling (5pcs)

Seasoned with mushroom soy, shitake pepper, and mushroom, acceneted with three great condiments:  Ginger Sweet Soy, Red Chile Sauce, and Red pepper on top. 


Fried Wonton Triangle (7) 

Marinated ground chicken in a delicate Asian cream cheese, served with cucumber relish.


Crispy Tofu 

Served with sweet ground peanut sauce.


Fusion of Bird Wing (2)

Lightly battered boneless chicken wings with vegetables, ground chicken, celery, carrot, white pepper and glass noodles .


Shrimp Rolls (7) 

Garlic cilantro shrimp wrapped with egg roll skin, Served with our sweet and sour dipping sauce.


Crispy veggie roll (5)

Seasonal fresh vegetables wrapped with egg roll skin. Served with our sweet and sour sauce.


Potstickers (7)

Crispy chicken potstickers, served with sweet ginger soy dipping sauce.


Chicken Musubi (2pcs) 

Spam Musubi (2pcs) 5

Fried Calamari    

Puffy Shrimp